Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow!

One of the most common mistakes that novice private practitioners make is to under budget for advertising.  Perhaps because we in the behavioral health field so often feel reluctant to promote ourselves, we then also tend to under-rate the importance of promoting our business.

If there is one clearly sound advertising tip I can give you, it would be this:

Set a fixed annual advertising budget and stick to it!

This is particularly true when revenues fall, and the general marketing atmosphere is depressed.  As others drop out of their ambitious advertising plans, it’s vital to stay focused on maintaining a presence in the ad world.  “Being there” when others disappear gives you credibility and let’s potential clients see that you are established in the field, and sufficiently successful that your advertising remains visible.  After all, no one wants a therapist who looks like they’re living month-to-month!

Remember, your public advertising face my be the first bit of information a potential client has about you. Make it accurate, attractive, professional, and reliably available.

Make it part of your practice to grow  your practice.